Water Features

Beauty and tranquility come together in outdoor water features, and often make the difference between an ordinary and a truly amazing landscape. Our ponds and waterfalls utilize a range of natural features - from gorgeous, winding streams to large boulder waterfalls. Water is often a missing element in the landscape, and we are the experts in helping you add the luxury and relaxation of a pond, waterfall, or fountain to your yard, garden, or business landscape.


Ponds are for the nature-lover that wants to interact with their landscape. Just 5 minutes of listening to a bubbling waterfall and watching fish drift lazily between lilies will change anyone's attitude. Ponds can range from several feet across, to swimming pool size, and beyond. These water features are all custom designed and each one is unique. Modern pond technology combines mechanical and biological filtration to keep water clear in a properly built water feature. Our ponds are not the old bare liner pond with a row of rocks on the edge. Rather, they are a minimum of 3' deep with shelves of stacked rock and gravel. Naturalistic waterfalls give sound, dramatic beauty, and circulate the water for filtration. A well built pond is about the best landscape centerpiece available, if you don't mind the small amount of maintenance involved.

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Pondless Waterfalls

Pondless waterfalls give all the sound and aesthetics of a pond waterfall, without the associated maintenance. These features can be small enough to fit in small courtyards or atria, to large, multi-fall displays with meandering streams. Water is circulated through the waterfall and down the stream, disappearing into a pit of rock. This pit contains a rubber liner just like a pond, but inside it is the pump housing and autofill valve. These are relatively maintenance free features that give a natural feel without the liability of a body of water. Pondless waterfalls have a dramatic presence and make any yard extraordinary.

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Our fountains use the same principals and set up as the pondless waterfall. We dig a pit, then line it with a protective fabric barrier and pond liner. This method is far superior to the preformed plastic fountain bases. The preformed bases often do not catch all the splash from the fountain, leaving a mess around the perimeter and wasting water. The fountain itself can be anything, from a bubbling boulder to several overflowing pots. These features can fit any space and are almost zero maintenance.

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