Irrigation and Drainage

Rotary Sprinklers

These sprinklers are larger devices that are used in open, uninterrupted spaces that allow water to be dispersed 25 to 30 feet or more. These heads typically pop-up during use and retract after operation in lawns or other areas with foot traffic. They are also available in fixed (non-pop-up) versions for use on risers in large planting areas.

Hunter rotary sprinklers operate on a gear-drive technology. Water turns a small turbine in the base of the unit which drives a series of gears, causing the head to rotate. The gear drive mechanism is sealed from dirt and debris, and operates without the irritating clatter of traditional impact sprinklers.

Gear driven rotors are easy to adjust and factory sealed to keep contaminants out. Although the individual rotor unit is several times more costly than a spray head, its wider spacing capabilities means fewer heads are needed to cover a given area.

Sprays Sprinklers

These are usually what are most commonly envisioned when a homeowner thinks about a sprinkler system. These heads are dispersed around the lawn and in planting beds.

The spacing between sprinklers can vary depending upon the specific nozzle installed in the head, but they rarely are spaced further than 15 feet apart. Spray sprinklers installed in turf areas are designed to pop-up during watering and retract to below the turf line to allow mowing and normal use of the lawn after watering.

Spray sprinkler bodies are commonly available in various sizes, the difference being the height that the spray apparatus or nozzle is lifted above the body of the head. The high-pop-up models are used for flower and shrubbery bed areas where risers might be unsightly or subject to damage from passerby.

Irrigation Drip System

Drip irrigation is the most efficient and effective way to water. With this method evaporation through wind and sun are no longer an issue. With other irrigation methods (sprays) as much as 75% of water can be wasted. Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the root system. Conventional sprays are often blocked by mature plants to create dry spots in beds, drip will have 100% coverage regardless how big plants get. This system works on reduced pressure and can water larger areas per zone than sprays. Water conservation is an ever growing concern and this is one way to protect our resources while benefiting plant life.

Hunter- The Irrigation Innovators

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