Bringing the inside, out.

A current, growing trend in the design and function of residential landscapes is to divide the backyard space into outdoor rooms, which serve as extensions to the home and its interior. At Bushmaster Landscapes, one of our primary philosophies is that a landscape is something that is meant to be used and experienced, rather than just looked at through a window. That way, people get to enjoy the space around them and to utilize more areas for living, thereby getting the most for their landscape investment. One of the simplest and most functional ways to achieve this outdoor living space on your property is through the design and installation of an outdoor kitchen.

The concept of an outdoor kitchen has been around for a while, but it has only recently grown into such popularity and sophistication. In the last few years, outdoor kitchens have developed into more elaborate extensions of their indoor counterparts, and have started to become one of the main focal points of the backyard. That is not to say that only the wealthy or people with lots of space can afford an outdoor kitchen, the fact is completely the opposite. Even if your yard is small, you still can enjoy an outdoor kitchen for grilling, family meals and entertaining guests by making the most out of the space available. The design for an outdoor kitchen can be appropriately sized for location while still meeting the personal needs of the homeowner.

A simple way to determine the size and functionality of an outdoor kitchen is to ask yourself the following questions.

    · How often do you grill?

    · How many people do you entertain on a regular basis outdoors?

    · How large of a grill do you plan to use?
    · What other accessories and appliances would you want included? (warming tray, side burners, storage, bars, refrigerators, etc.)
    · How many people do you want to be able to have at the counter?

These questions will allow you to start thinking about the general size and configuration of the outdoor kitchen and will also help in the design process.

Lastly, there is one other pertinent issue to consider when deciding on installing an outdoor kitchen, its placement. While an outdoor kitchen can be placed anywhere on your property, there are a few key points to examine before installation begins. The view of and from the kitchen should be a high priority, that way it functions more as a part of the landscape rather than something just stuck in as an afterthought. Wind direction is also a major consideration because the smoke will always follow the wind, and the placement of an outdoor kitchen should take into account the location of neighbors, windows, balconies, and other areas that may be impeded by smoke. Sun and shade are important to look at because grilling and entertaining are not as fun when the sun is blaring down on you constantly. If natural shade from trees or vegetation is not readily available, you might consider installing a pergola or patio cover to alleviate the stress of outdoor cooking. The last key points to consider are the proximity to the house and to utilities. While these topics are more practical, it will also help alleviate some costs, as well as saving on the time and distance you are from your guests by not having to travel quite so much between cooking/prep areas.

With all this in mind, an outdoor kitchen makes a wonderful addition to any landscape and lets people experience the landscape firsthand. If you are considering an outdoor kitchen or any changes to your landscape needs, please feel free to contact us through the website or just give us a call at (281) 885-2951.



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