Our mild Texas winters allow us to enjoy outstanding displays of color all year long. As the weather begins to cool and our summer flowers start to fade away, without a doubt, Pansies are the best flower for Houston winter landscapes in our area.  They perform beautifully in locations with well-drained moderately rich soil and full sun to partial shade (six hours or more of sunlight). They grow best when evening temperatures remain between 40 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, and daytime highs do not exceed 75 degrees.  They are capable of surviving temperatures down to the single digits; They will freeze solid, thaw out when the sunlight hits them, and continue to bloom all winter. Pansies will often last until the end of March.

Pansies Detail

Pansies (Viola X Wittrockiana) come in a variety of sizes and colors.  Although the most common are purple, yellow, white and combination colors, they also come in blue, red, orange, pink, and there is even a black variety.

The flowers have a velvety texture and bloom over brilliant green foliage. Pansies grow quickly and don’t require a lot of water after they are established. Water them every day for the first five days. After that, water twice a week or whenever the soil dries to one inch deep. Two inches of mulch helps conserve water and improves pansy performance. For optimum growth, remove faded flowers and dead leaves to make room for new flowers and promote soil drainage which prevents moist conditions that attract pansy-destroying disease and pests.


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